by Romeo Sid Vicious

For a while I’ve been getting between three and ten obviously bogus new user accounts a day. I guess my plugins catch their spam comments before they post because I never see anything in my spam folder from these users. But it’s annoying, damned annoying, so for the moment I’ve turned off new user registration until I find a solution. Since everything cross-posts to Facebook and I have comments integrated you should still be able to comment from FB. I’m looking for a solution for the annoyance but it’s not a real high priority. If I knew who you were then your account still exists but if I didn’t then it’s gone with the spammers.


  1. Romeo Sid Vicious on 05.20.2013

    And now it’s fixed. A nice little visual captcha. I works in Chrome and Firefox and that’s all the testing I care to do at the moment.